s v studio is a London based design practice, specialising in styling, interior design and creative direction. With a distinctively creative & curated approach they create bespoke interior and styling projects, uniquely tailored to each client. Founded by Sarah Graham, the studio was born from a passion and great appreciation for craftsmanship and personalised space with a mindful approach. Sourcing furniture, lighting, artwork, textiles and objects alongside designed, one--off custom pieces and curated personalised interiors. s v studio love the interplay of colour and composition, Sarah's design ethos is focussed on creativity and curation to make beautiful and intriguing schemes. She likes to mix stand-out features alongside mindful moments - a key ingredient to a calm and inspiring space for life.

s v studio takes commissions and collaborates with both corporate and private clients. Get in touch to discuss a future project or to discuss ways to work together.

s v studio offer the following design services :

  • Styling for interiors & shoots

  • Interior Design

  • Furniture selections & design

  • Textile selections & commissioning

  • Creative direction & consultancy

  • Home staging

  • Sourcing & procurement

  • Project management and budgeting

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Sarah has over 10 years of professional experience in the world of design. Having spent much of her career at acclaimed interior design studio Johnson Naylor, her love for timeless and crafted design flourished. Layering interior design on top of timeless architectural interiors, Sarah became specialised at curating the unique identities of project through styling and layering spaces. Sarah later went on to work with design studios Barlis Wedlick Architects and Goddard Littlefair as well as working privately with clients.


Sarah has designed for many projects with a host of clients which include private individuals, property developers (including Exemplar, Weslin, Stanhope, Arendon, Berkeley Homes, Canary Wharf Group), media events and home letting companies. Her portfolio includes Styling and Interior design to prominent luxury residential developments, including show flat apartments, penthouses, private club and concierge lounges, as well as commercial spaces and private client's homes. Creatively collaborating on styling to interior photoshoots, Sarah has worked alongside photographers including Nick Gutteridge, Guy Montagu - Pollock, Peter Marlow and Edmund Sumner.


Sarah has a fascination in identity and its creative expression in space, both personal and branded. She pursues this interest by continual learning of how space can alter wellbeing and emotion, analysing the interaction between people, their environments and their curations of favourite place and objects. Sarah feels our expression of ourselves through our curated world view is imperative and hopes to help clients articulate this through design.